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  Human resources are the precious resources of Kailong Lanfeng. Therefore, we are in line with the concept of attracting people with prospects, inspiring people with culture, bringing people together with business, motivating people with performance, and influencing people with the truth, based on the environment of domestic and international competition, cultivating high-quality employees, creating an excellent talent team, and providing a strong human resources guarantee for the realization of good and fast development of Kailong Lanfeng! Kailong Lanfeng focuses on the cultivation and introduction of core talents, and through "high-end guidance and overall development", builds a core group of 300 professional, international and innovative talents with 100 high-end talents as the leader, builds a talent pyramid supporting the independent development of Kailong Lanfeng, and builds a high-tech environmental protection enterprise with talent attraction and competitiveness in the post-processing system industry.

  Kailong Lanfeng opens up and builds the professional sequence channel of talent growth. In order to promote the career development of all kinds of talents, mobilize the enthusiasm of talents, encourage them to study the business and give play to their strengths, Kailong Lanfeng has established a professional management, professional technology, production and operation skills talent growth channel on the basis of the leadership position sequence, and carried out the evaluation and recruitment activities of chief experts, senior experts and expert talents. All kinds of experts can enjoy the salary of the company's secondary manager, senior manager, and even the company's deputy general manager.


▶  Excellent talents are the foundation of enterprise development. Kiron respects responsible employees;

▶  Respect personal values, constantly develop talents, retain talents;

▶  Strive to build a harmonious and teamwork working environment for employees, and establish an excellent staff team;

▶  The achievements of the enterprise let the employees share, the value of the enterprise let the employees recognize together, the style of the enterprise also let the employees feel together;

▶  Companies like people who can solve problems, and they hire employees to solve problems, not create them. If the employee can't see the problem or solve it, the employee is a problem. Employees can solve the size of the problem, employees can sit as high as the seat;

▶  The support of employees, the development of the company, the care of employees, everyone's kailong;