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Kailong Lanfeng new material Technology Co., LTD
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  Founded in 2011, Kailong Lanfeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating honeycomb ceramic carrier and vehicle exhaust purification catalyst. The company mainly produces honeycomb ceramic carrier, diesel engine tail gas purification catalyst (DOC, SCR, CDPF), gas engine catalyst, gasoline engine tail gas purification catalyst, industrial volatile organic waste gas VOCs catalytic converter and its treatment device and fixed source catalyst.

The company has undertaken a total of 8 projects, such as national key research and development Plan, Jiangsu Province scientific and technological achievements transformation project, Jiangsu Province key research and Development Plan, Jiangsu Province science and technology enterprise innovation fund, Jiangsu Province double innovation Plan, and Jiangsu Province Doctor cluster plan. It won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress, the First prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology, the first prize of China Automobile Industry Science and Technology, and the first prize of Shanghai Technology Invention. The company has a "Jiangsu Province diesel exhaust purification Engineering Technology Research Center" approved by Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Department. The company has 175 employees, of which 20% are technical research and development personnel (6 doctors and professors, 10 masters).

The experimental center of the company is a laboratory approved by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), with more than 20 laboratories such as engine test room, vehicle drum test room, three-degree-of-freedom thermal vibration test room, and 18 engine comprehensive test benches.

  It can cover the development needs of up to 16L engine post-processing system, equipped with AVL power dynamometer, emission meter, particle analyzer and particle counter and other advanced emission research and development test equipment, with CVS(full flow emission) test capability, the vehicle drum laboratory is equipped with full function of high and low temperature environment chamber and vehicle PEMS test capability.

  Business purpose: survival by quality, market by integrity, efficiency by management, and development by science and technology, focusing on creating reliable, stable and energy-saving products.